Asset Investment

For investors who like to free themselves from the need to constantly monitor asset allocation and portfolios, we provide access to professionals whose skills at risk profiling, institutional asset allocation, money management selection and investment policy development can help you navigate in a constantly changing environment.. Look to us for asset management services that are

  • Customized to meet the needs of you and your family
  • Strategic to reflect the dynamic nature of the market – and your life

The asset management firm has dedicated portfolio managers as well as access to internal, detailed equity research reports which should give it an edge over investors controlling their own money.
The Asset Management service is usually offered to high net-worth individuals, sovereign wealth funds, pensions and corporations. The firm will typically charge a management fee (a fixed percentage of total funds managed) and take a percentage of the profits.
In today’s complex marketplace, even sophisticated investors are challenged to stay current, to monitor their investments, and to respond to rapidly changing conditions.