Deal Structuring

Business, small or large, after all, is all about deal-making. This is how you make money. Every time a client buys products or services from you, you’re making a deal. And, sure, many of those deals are very simple and need little structural tweaking or negotiation. However, many will be more complex and variable depending on your industry. More importantly, the complexity is not superficial.
Deal structuring and negotiation is an area of law/business that helps drive profits and limits your long term liabilities. Even better, unlike many areas of strict text-book law, this is an area where both sides (you and your client) want the deal to happen. The point isn’t to quibble over every little detail, but rather to ensure that your main goals are achieved while limiting your vulnerability to legal action or other penalties in the long-term.
We understand these challenges, particularly in how they play into small business. Unlike major corporations that may have months or years and hundreds of thousands to spend to structure a deal, small businesses need the deal done and the money in their account quickly. They don’t have huge legal budgets or year-long time frames. We understand that, and we operate to get the deal done as swiftly as possible in the most cost effective manner possible. This starts by a consultation to understand your needs and the most important goals of the deal. Next, we assess any potential liabilities posed by the deal in its current state. Finally, we create a structure to maximize goals and profits, and limit liabilities; and begin negotiating with the other party to the deal to achieve the same. We do not waste time posturing or bullying the other side; instead, we take decisive action and find places of common-ground to get the deal done so you can move on with executing the deal and making money.