Taxation Advice

One of the biggest challenges – and greatest areas of opportunity for taxpayers is how to effectively manage local and foreign taxes in a way that aligns with overall business objectives and operations. We advise companies on a broad range of domestic and foreign tax matters, including understanding their effective tax rate, the tax impacts of business re-structuring and preparing for the impact of new and proposed regulations. Our team can help companies implement practical strategies to better manage taxes earnings and cash flows so they can focus on growing their businesses.
Corporate tax legislation changes almost every year, sometimes retroactively, making it a challenge to keep up. Continuous change is a given in today’s complex economic and legal environment. This, together with corporate tax legislation that changes almost every year, means that companies need support in the area of tax compliance and consulting services. We endeavor to identify potential threats & opportunities and advise on appropriate strategies to mitigate exposure and optimize tax incidence on our clients. We strive to develop a detailed understanding of our clients’ business system and industry sector to offer insights and assist our clients to develop effective strategies and business models.
We help businesses to maximize value by identifying and implementing comprehensive strategies for corporate, international and local taxes. This helps ensure that the cascading effect of all taxes together is minimal on our clients.