Work Type

Mergers and Acquisitions:

  • Due diligence (buy/sell) reviews on proposed acquisitions/disposals
  • Development of business plans, strategies and financing applications for companies
  • Structuring reviews and financial leverage advisory
  • Development of acquisition / disposal strategies for companies with global operations
  • Assistance in major re-listing exercises both in Malaysia and the UK
  • Reviewing various forecasts/projections, preparing Accountant’s Report and Info Memo
  • Financial advisory work in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Germany, India, UK, Canada, US, India, Thailand, Egypt, Cambodia, Australia, Malaysia & Thai
  • Manage listing exercises of companies in Malaysia, Canada and Hong Kong


  • Review of profit and cash-flow forecasts in connection with proposed acquisitions
  • Feasibility Evaluations and Shareholder Value reviews
  • Financial fraud investigations
  • Financial modeling for infra-structure projects (rail, power, tolled roads, dams)
  • Environmental performance review for major Canadian listed companies
  • Analyzing financial performance of major forest products companies
  • Conducting training courses relating to general audit methodologies, due diligence and investment considerations
  • Dispute resolution / mediation for multinational groups
  • Fraud investigations for large multinational organizations
  • Public speaking engagements on M&A, Valuations and Due Diligence

Forensic accounting investigation and reconstruction:

Preparation of accounts from incomplete records for sole traders, partnerships, clubs and private companies.   Preparation of tax and other statutory returns for submission to the Inland Revenue and other relevant authorities. Assist companies/governments in the (re)construction of their financial records as a result of arson, thefts and other acts of nature / human including conversion of files and documents by management and Board. Conduct forensic accounting reviews of companies involved in manufacturing of paper, CDs and DVDs, computer parts, infrastructure development, power generation, construction and more.

Audit & Taxation:

Diversified audit experience of companies in various sectors including oil & gas, retail, manufacturing property development, banking and finance, gaming, logging, plantations, tissue culture, contractors, transportation, power generation, charitable institutions (including NGOs and UN units) and pension funds.

Corporate Recovery:

Custody, recompilation and updating of accounting and other records of companies under receivership. Maintain custody of assets under liquidation order. Tracing of complex fund flows within related parties.